Rail Journeys

Rail Journeys

There is something exquisite about travelling by train.  Whether it’s a short hop or traversing across an entire continent, rail travel has a nostalgic quality to it.  Of course air travel is quicker, but lets face it,  what do you see, not much!   Traveling by train can be incredibly scenic when you pass through cities,  see mountains and rivers and all from the seat of you carriage. Train travel is just an all-around better and more relaxing experience.  You can flit between the restaurant, lounge and bar cars or just relax in your own well-appointed cabin as you watch the world slide by.

Villa has a wonderful range of rail holidays featuring some of the world’s greatest journeys.  In Australia choose from the legendary Ghan experience from Darwin to Adelaide, the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney travelling through the beautiful Blue Mountains or travel down the east coast on the Spirit of Queensland.  Or why not jump on board the Prospector and enjoy the spectacular scenery as you travel from Perth to the goldfields town of Kalgoorlie?   

Overseas will see you travelling on the historic North Borneo Railway where you can soak up the nostalgia and romance of an old steam train complete with colonial dressed train stewards as you travel through the heart of Borneo. 

Then there is the magnificent Blue Train. Travelling approximately 1,600-kilometres in South Africa between Pretoria and Cape Town, it is widely regarded as one of the world's most luxurious trains. The Blue Train offers more than just a journey; it will take you through some of the most breathtaking countryside to be found anywhere in the world.

These are just some of the wonderful rail opportunities on offer from villa. 

Click here for our full range of amazing rail journeys.

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