Dee reflects on 10 years with Villa
Dee reflects on 10 years with Villa
Dee reflects on 10 years with Villa teaser

Dee reflects on 10 years with Villa

10 years! Where have they gone?
When I started my journey with Villa, I had no idea it would take me across the globe from Russia to Antarctica. I would visit and come to love every state and capital city of our beautiful country, and explore so many tiny vibrant and communities in between.  
I had no idea of the wonderful friends I would make within the family business, nor the opportunity to test myself with challenges along the way. The opportunity to learn and share so much with so many, and moreover the generosity of our travellers who share their knowledge, passion and stories with me.
No two tours are the same. The different groups of passengers, seasonality and diversity of attractions all create this wonderful mix we call a Villa holiday. Possibly the best thing about my ‘job’ is seeing the way complete strangers come together to form friendships and enjoy the camaraderie of the experience. 
I have toured on coaches, cruise ships, trains, 4WD coaches, hiked and flown countless miles in a variety of aircrafts, and always with a cork in my pocket! (You will need to join me on tour to find out why).
I am often asked which Villa tour is my favourite. My answer is: “the one I’m on”, for it is that being ‘in the moment’ that makes travel and touring most special to me. Having said that, I adore our magnificent train journeys and can’t wait for the new Great Southern Rail journey from Brisbane to Adelaide next January. Tasmania and Norfolk Island always take my breath away, as do the myriad of wildflower and garden tours we conduct.
I have indeed been blessed. Can’t wait to see where my Villa journey will take me next!
Dee Nufeild
Villa Tour Leader

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